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The Process

We have the highest payouts and with over 70 years in the business you can trust us to provide the highest quality appraisals and service.

What You Do

  1. Request your Free Appraisal Packet by filling out the form to your right.
  2. When the packet arrives, place everything inside and send to Cash for Gold and Jewelry in the pre-paid envelope.

Yes, it’s that easy!

What We Do

  1. A total cash value is calculated based on the type of material, weight and the daily price of the metals.
  2. We call the number provided once we have a calculated value to discuss it with you
  3. We mail a check or CASH to you, if you agree to sell.
  4. Should we not come to an agreement then your items all mailed back to you at OUR expense.


Recent payments to our customers include:

  • $18,745.00 – Rare Coin collection
  • $11,500.00 – Rolex Watch
  • $9,800.00 – Old Wedding Rings
  • $1,497.00 for unwanted Gold, Silver & Platinum